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Cornici Grezze By FotoSprint di A. Veralli

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Baroque Frames

Baroque Frames

Cut, glue, and paint: have fun with our raw products!


Whether you are looking for a ready-made frame you can simply slip your picture or painting in and hang it up or you want something you can customize yourself before using it, so as to match it perfectly with your home décor, you are definitely in the right place.

Cornici Grezze offers a wide range of frames and other wooden products, both finished and raw, but one of the most popular product lines is without a doubt that of Baroque frames. These frames are inspired by the Baroque period, particularly popular in Italy and France between the 17th and 18th centuries. This literary, philosophical, musical and of course artistic movement first appeared in Rome and it focused on almost-extreme creativity and imagination.

Baroque frames, therefore, including ours, are typically full of decorations, every curl and swirl carefully crafted to recall that specific historical period, so important for our country of birth. Frames like this can in fact be admired in countless historic towns and luxurious palaces, where they perfectly match the stucco friezes and decorations on the walls.

So if you wish your house to recall the grandeur of the past, or if your painting is an important one, look no further - a Baroque frame is without a doubt your best choice.

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