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Cornici Grezze By FotoSprint di A. Veralli

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Cornici su Misura

Compra il materiale per creare la tua cornice personalizzata su misura


 From today "Cornici Grezze" widens the assortment of frames finished .. !!!
We are pleased to introduce new range of handmade frames, Made From Our craftsmen, using the techniques More Ancient Preparation, gilding and lacquering.
With Best woods, made the shapes are used to realize models suitable to the ancient painting and contemporary, curated also to mount mirrors designed for all types of decor.
The frames are made with plaster friezes, made from hand-carved dies, made using gouges and chisels
The matrices are obtained from hardwoods, so you can have a well-defined detail. Hereafter we get with the negative silicone rubber, story to be able to get the honor.
The first phase and the Assembly of the rough shape and any mat, and Preparation of a raw Receiving decorations
Printing and mounting the plaster friezes. In this phase "plasma" in a veritable the artifact, dialing the Decoration for Measure request. In fact they get frames of All Sizes Especially Exclusive Unique Pieces
Following the phase And The carving of the exterior, always done by hand with chisels and carving knife
Once the rough, you prepare the product with chalk of Bologna and rabbit glue, and AFTER sanding, prepare the surfaces with bolus gilding case, or you begin Colours tempera
AFTER the gold plating, coating, micro-percussion and ANY graffiti decorations you get the Character What A frame of art MUST Have.

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