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cornici grezze

The site offers a wide range of frames and mirrors in stock and ready realizes all the changes that you might need.
We have hand-carved wooden mirror frames, mirrors in pulp and moldings for frames. We offer you the opportunity to ...

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Buy the material to create your own frame to measure.


Wooden frames Made in Italy

The Frames handcrafted wood and wood pulp for your creations


Have fun, decorating your house with our amazing products!
If you love DIY and creating beautiful things for your house or your friends, you are definitely in the right place. Cornici Grezze, in fact, creates and deals in beautiful and handcrafted Italian wood picture frames, both finished and unfinished, easy to decorate and customize according to your taste. In addition to ready-made frames, in fact, we sell frame sides that can be easily assembled to measure and painted even by those not privy to the artisans' secrets. And while square frames are, without a doubt, the most popular type of frames on the market, if that is not what you are looking for, don't worry! Cornici Grezze also offers an incredibly wide selection of round frames, oval frames, and smaller frames that are ideal for miniatures. Furthermore, in addition to wood frames made in Italy, the company also makes available to its customers a range of frames made in wood pulp, ideal and easily customizable to match the décor of your house. Visit our website to view the full range of products available for purchase.


Not sure you will do a good job? Cornici Grezze also offers a range of handcrafted wooden frames that professional decorators can treat according to your requests to make them unique.


Is a mirror what you are looking for? In addition to wooden frames, produced with passion by the most skilled artisans in the field, Cornici Grezze also produces a wide range of mirrors, which can be easily viewed by clicking on the relevant section in our website. And there are not only classic wood-backed mirrors - Cornici Grezze also offers mirrors with a wood pulp back, featuring shapes with soft, fluid lines that can be easily decorated and customized for a unique effect, suiting every type of décor and environment. You were not able to find anything suitable of our website? No problem! Drop us a line or fill in the form provided with your specific requests and we can create hand-carved mirrors or frames in unfinished wood for an existing mirror according to your specifications, in order to best suit your needs. It is a service we gladly provide those customers that are not satisfied by the selection they find on our website, and this is available for mirrors and frames alike.


Finally, due to our intense collaboration with the timber industry, we also offer a line of unfinished wooden furniture, selling online parts that are difficult to find anywhere else such as solid wood console tables or dressers


Please visit our website to discover more about our company, Cornici Grezze, and to see the amazing range of products we can offer you.